Make "To-Do" lists for your family and friends who are helping you set things up or prepare on the wedding day. This way, you can give them the lists before your wedding day, and then on the day you can sit back and enjoy!

~ Jessica Rouse ~

Don't get too caught up in the details. No one remembers that stuff. When you start to stress out, or loose focus, remember that you are marrying the man that you love so much, and that is what your wedding day is about. It is not about other people. So long as he shows up, you have something to wear and an officiate, you are good to go. Don't put the pressure on yourself that everything has to be perfect. Also, enjoy! This season comes and goes quickly so don't forget to enjoy it while it is here :-)

~ Annie Frase ~

Don't sweat the small stuff! If your dress makes it to the wedding site, your groom shows up and your minister is present- you have basically got it made! Look up! Look at your guests during the ceremony, look at your groom. Don't let your eyes go to the floor, relish every moment! Give a "real" smile in the photographs! Your cheeks will begin to hurt and you will be "over" the posing thing, but these will last forever, just keep remembering how happy you are! Stop and look around every few minutes or so and you will be filled with such an amazing feeling of gratefulness, joy and love for those who are spending such a special day with you! And... enjoy!

~ Jeni Anderson ~

ENVISION THE STEPS OF THE CEREMONY TOGETHER: talk with your husband-to-be about the wedding ceremony itself, and what youll need/want from him: immediately prior (we had a private moment together before the ceremony, then we greeted our guests as they entered the church); during (a girlfriend told me to look at Jeff during the ceremony, that we should focus on each other. I did, but I forgot to ask Jeff to do so. I wish I had, b/c I found myself trying to catch his eye during the ceremony, and thats NOT the time!!) and afterward (reception line, dances, etc.)

WHEN BUYING INVITATIONS, REALLY MAKE THEM YOURS. I really listened when the gal at the store told me the sample invitations just give you an idea of the paper, colors and images available. I found a letterpress invite with an image I liked, then reworded the entire invitation, used engraved lettering in two entirely different fonts & colors, and switched out the envelopes. I LOVED my invitations!

DONT BE AFRAID TO DELEGATE: I had only one (adult) bridesmaid b/c, as an older bride, I didnt want to ask more than one girlfriend to dress up in a formal, stiff outfit and prance around at my behest. What I didnt realize is all the help you actually need on your wedding day & before!! Look carefully at all the tasks, make a list, then make a point of asking for these favors in advance, and get small thank-you gifts for those helpers.

ONCE THE CEREMONY HAS BEGUN . . . LET IT ALL GO & ENJOY IT. Things are bound to go astray heck, my little cousin spilled red wine on my gown right on our arrival!!! But this is the only day youll have to truly celebrate your marriage vows with loved ones. I wasnt going to spend my evening blotting my gown with club soda, I was there to dine, dance, and celebrate!! This is when the phrase it is what it is comes into play ;-)

Having at least two fittings was crucial small details in the many layers of a dress make a difference! And bring all your bridal accessories! And remember in Montana, you never know what kind of weather youll get its okay to buy a vintage mink just in case! My wedding was June 19, and I needed mine!

~ Magaret Kearney ~

My advice to future brides is to slow down, and realize that you don't need EVERYTHING to have a perfect wedding. It is a celebration of your love with your husband and while you may think you absolutely have to have that extra special silverware, party favors, dinner menu, or decorations, ultimately you won't even notice half of the little things because you get so consumed in the joy of the day. So pick the things that mean the most to you and focus you planning on those things and delgate or go easy on the non-important details.

~ Deanna Glassman ~

It is very important to stay organized and write notes. Make sure that you have two or three people that are reliable and responsible that can help with some of the wedding duties. Get the dress you LOVE no matter what the cost because you have to feel beautiful to really enjoy your day! Get plenty of rest the last week leading up to the big day so you don't get sick and so that you are energized for all the socializing and catching up. Be creative and use your imagination- don't be afraid to take a chance with decorations or something original that you want to incorporate--it is YOUR day:) Even though you want to dance dance dance- don't forget to talk to your guests. Take deep breaths through out the day and ENJOY it all!

~ Nikki Foley~

My advice for today's bride is to RELAX and remember to breathe - everyone says this, but it is true. Your day will go by SO fast. Try not to worry and really enjoy the moment, especially during the ceremony!

~ Sharon Skov ~

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